Many people have been asking – and here’s what you need to know...



Founded in 1997, the Dressage Association of Southern California has grown from a grass roots organization to a membership body that, in some years, exceeded over 400 members.  Geographically, DASC stretches from San Diego to the Central Coast, and even into Nevada.  Our membership has been a delightfully diverse with riders of all ages competing successfully from Training Level to Grand Prix.

DASC has been committed to fostering the growth and development of its riding membership, providing educational opportunities throughout the year. Our Championship shows welcomed horse and rider combinations of all levels, in many cases providing first-time junior and amateur exhibitors with a friendly, non-threatening introduction to the Championship competition experience. 

For 20 years, DASC has been operating as a volunteer organization, with the selfless dedication of some pretty impressive people.  Much personal sacrifice and tireless energy and enthusiasm has driven DASC over the years to remain a fun, friendly and important component to the southern Californa dressage community. As they say, “It takes a village…”   Indeed.

Over the past few years, the local dressage sport has changed.  For a variety of reasons, the level of participation in shows by amateurs and juniors has dropped off *significantly*.  As a result, there has been less interest in memberships to organizations like DASC, that promote competition.   With a shrinking membership base, there seems to be a direct correlation to a shrinking *volunteer* base as well. 

Being an ALL volunteer organization, DASC cannot function without the efforts of those who are willing to give their time and energy to keep the wheels turning.  MANY efforts have been raised to find people wanting to step up and take DASC into it’s next 20 years, with a shocking level of apathy from current and former DASC members.  It’s because of this, that the current Board of Directors is faced with the unfortunate reality that it is time for DASC to sunset and close this chapter.


There have been a few people who have stepped up but unfortunately, a “few” is simply not enough.

ARE YOU WILLING to dig in and work to keep DASC going? Not just phone in once a month, but actually organize, administer, and do what it takes to put on a great events?

Send us an e-mail ASAP and let’s talk via of****@so***********.com