2014 DASC Qualified Rider List – UPDATED

CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW Qualified Rider List – Preliminary (updated 7/31/14)

This list is updated as we receive results from show managers – If you are not on this list, and think you *should* be – drop us a note to of****@so***********.com – it is possible that your scores may not have been reported or there may be other problems. We will be happy to verify your scores and update the list.

This list includes all recorded shows up to AUGUST 1st, 2014. There are 4 recognized shows in August after this date, in which you can also accumulate scores. This list will only be updated again after all four shows have submitted their results. If you believe that you have the required scores, please submit your entry, rather than waiting for an updated qualified rider list.

Updated 7/31/2014



Introductory Level – Amateur Kadence Beatty, Jerry
Introductory Level – JR/YR Amuleto Gregorian, Isabella
Artus Laudemann, Annika
Tyrion Delgadillo, Sofia
Training Level – Adult Amateur April Rose AEO Goodney, Martha
Cortina MacDonald, Maraka
Don Diego Cable, Margaret
Istala Christensen, Karen
One Deal Away Kane, Victoria
Paisley Wyatt, Lenae
Peppy’s Little Reno Bishop, Sarah
Sweet Blue Skys Myers, Kaitlin
Waverly Forsythe, Dr., Brenda
Winchexter Smith, Eric
Zebedee Lawrence, Debbie
Training Level – Junior/YR Awesome Thought Sokolowski, Lindsey
Brewster Buchannan, Brooke
D’Amico Dingley, Ava
Fabuloso AF Croasmun, Sydney
Jazz Hands Sietsema, J., Abi
Odin 369 Laudemann, Annika
Saki Brahim Riddle, Marie
Sensible Solution Adamson, Ava
Sundancer’s Illusion Mandel, Avery
Uriel Yfantopoulos, Alix
Wizard of OZ Marnell, Ariana
Training Level – Open Argento RSS Ramirez-Smith, Cindy
Bella Valentina Newcomb, Amelia
Denarii Fritze, Camilla
Dezano TFA Chastain-Price, Nicole
Double O Seven MH Davis, Deidra
Elation KF Newcomb, Amelia
Esbelto CL Chastain-Price, Nicole
Genuinely Leaguel Corob, Ellen
Iris Gurney, Hilda
Merriewold Kona Corlett, Julie
Pepa De Elsner, Kim
Providence Gurney, Hilda
The Aga Kahn Heaton, Carolyn
Tyrion Volchik, Erika
Valentina Newcomb, Amelia
First Level – Amateur Immerjoy Devin, Richard
Just Me N Julio Ender, Lisa
K-Love Suelzle, Shelby
My Chance to Dream Dockweiler, Sue
Veterano Henry, Dana, Senit
Peppy’s Little Reno Bishop, Sarah
Winchexter Smith, Eric
First Level – Junior/YR Dante Sokolowski, Lauren
Gradin Demartini, Ericka
First Level – Open Alias Heiar, Sheri
Chancellor Newcomb, Amelia
Dujelinda M Kossowicz, Tegan
HR Maverick Corob, Ellen
Iris Gurney, Hilda
Lotta Silver Gurney, Hilda
Nexus GF Elsner, Kim
Pink Champagne Heiar, Sheri
Xanthus Buist, Kristine
Second Level – Amateur Campeao HM Mormorunni, Cristina
Cognito MacDonald, Maraka
MacKenzie Davies, Claire
PEM Orion Pollock, Roberta
Remise Grimm, Eric
When In Rome Malloy, Kymber
Second Level – Junior/YR Rhapsody Olnick, Tess
Second Level – Open Destinado Elsner, Kim
Dujelinda M Kossowicz, Tegan
Love Potion Gurney, Hilda
Oliver Twist Heaton, Carolyn
Pikobello Mantor, Larisa
Secret Winternheimer, Nina
Third Level – Amateur Aramis McKibben, Carol
Braxxton Ekstrand, Christine, Kohler
Cardino Goodwin, Gaye
Dufy Lotman, Therese
Mirage Whitt, Catherine
Picard Morgan, Wendy
Spectacular Leap Francis-Swayze, Carole
Thai Curry Hoffman, Grace
Vanquish Morrison, Cindy
Watik Wadai Kramer-Morton, Suzanne
Third Level – Junior/YR Il Primo Toscano Richman, Paris
Laetitia Dunn, Aleyna
Paolo Duncan, Jackie
Third Level – Open Dazzling Winter Hurtado, Chemaine
Guapeton TT Santos, Carlos
Rivendall Bredahl, Charlotte
Wild Dancer Newcomb, Amelia
Fourth Level – Amateur Bryce Marsh, Lora
Dolce Bella Rasmussen, Carrie
Fendi Lightfoot-Dunn, Ruth
Klassic Hour Lyons, Karina
Leggendarre Hudson, Alexandria
Paolo Nunes, Jennifer
Picard Wyatt, Lenae
Uno HM Young, Renee
Uprising Vaughan, Martha
Watik Wadai Kramer-Morton, Suzanne
William Flynn Barbosa, Edison
Fourth Level – Junior/YR Talent Richman, Paris
Fourth Level – Open Aramis Wangenheim-Hawkins, Pam
Decoroso HGF Ramirez-Smith, Cindy
Leana Filkens, Barbara
Orive Yet Schoening, Swea
Rivendall Bredahl, Charlotte
Waterloo Flo Grove, Angie
Prix St George – Amateur Apfelkorn Watkins, Jenifer
Ari Lauver, Lori
Fleur Rouge Ekstrand, Christine, Kohler
Gislenus Earl, Marie
Klassic Hour Lyons, Karina
Nimbus Johansen, Christina
Nova Keller, Kristy
Orchis Cadieux, Cathey
Ventura Winner, Marthe
Prix St Georges Open Bryce Wangenheim-Hawkins, Pam
Campeao HM Kulesa, Kim
Charming Charly Harris, Patricia
Galavant Fritze, Camilla
GBR Midnight Seranade Cunningham, Sean
Leana Filkins, Barbara
Wersachi Laudemann, Kerstin
Westpoint Bredahl, Charlotte
Winter Nebel Hurtado, Chemaine
Wroxanne Galsterer, Suzanne
Intermediare I – Amateur Fleur Rouge Ekstrand, Christine, Kohler
Komo Williams, Susan
Le Czar Smeets, Nancy
Team Harmony More Glory Abdallat, Yasmine
Violaan Houghton, Nicole
Intermediare I – Open Aleros Gurney, Hilda
Barolo Gold Corlett, Julie
Cheval Noir Wangenheim-Hawkins, Pam
Deynika Corob, Ellen
Miss Handy Cunningham, Sean
Trump Newcomb, Amelia
Westpoint Bredahl, Charlotte
Wroxanne Galsterer, Suzanne
Grand Prix Gulliver Gurney, Hilda
Karuso II Cadieux, Cathy
Aleros Gurney, Hilda
Wintersnow Gurney, Hilda
Freestyle, First Level Fuerst Grandeur Buist, Kristine
HR Maverick Corob, Ellen
Freestyle, Second Level MacKenzie Davies, Claire
When In Rome Malloy, Kymber
Freestyle, Third Level West Point La, Caze, Lynn
Freestyle, Fourth Level Khonan Pelly, Cheryl
West Point La, Caze, Lynn
GBR Midnight Seranade Cunningham, Sean
Leana Filkens, Barbara
Orchis Cadieux, Cathy
Winter Nebel Hurtado, Chemaine
Freestyle, Intermediate  Team Harmony More Glory Abdallat, Yasmine
Violaan Houghton, Nicole
Cheval Noir Wangenheim-Hawkins, Pam
Deynika Corob, Ellen
Miss Handy Cunningham, Sean
Rio Wangenheim-Hawkins, Pam
Westpoint Bredahl, Charlotte
Freestyle, Grand Prix   Divinity 3 Stout, Deborah
Karuso II Cadieux, Cathey
Aleros Gurney, Hilda
Karuso II Cadieux, Cathy
Montega Pinneo, Charles
Strauss Bredahl, Charlotte
Wintersnow Gurney, Hilda