This list will be updated as each show requests recognition. If a show is not listed here, it’s possible that it WILL be – please check with the show manager if the show is not listed here and you think it should be.



JANUARY 2015 TBA DASC Year End Awards Presentation & Dinner
FEBRUARY 2015 14th – 15th Dressage at El Sueno
14th – 15th Las Vegas Dressage Winter Fling
MARCH 2015 7th – 8th Spring Forward Dressage
14th – 15th Las Vegas Dressage Spring Fling
21st – 22nd Dressage at Spirit Equestrian
21st Thoroughbred Classic Horse Show
APRIL 2015 4th – 5th Dressage at Mission Pacific
11th – 12th Spring Dressage at El Sueno
MAY 2015 2nd – 3rd Dressage at Mission Pacific
2ns – 3rd SLO-CDS Central Coast Dressage Show
9th – 10th Summer Dressage I at El Sueno
16th – 17th Spring Dressage in Santa Barbara
16th – 17th Las Vegas Dressage Spring Fling III
JUNE 2015 6th – 7th Dressage at Spirit Equestrian
7th SLO – CDS Spring Fling
7th Almost Summer Fling
13th – 14th Summer Dressage II at El Sueno
20th – 21st Dressage at Mission Pacific
JULY 2015 11th – 12th Summer Dressage III
12th SLO – CDS Summer Fling
18th – 19th Dressage at Spirit Equestrian
25th – 26th Mid Summer Dressage
AUGUST 2015 1st – 2nd Dressage at Mission Pacific
8th – 9th Dressage at Spirit Equestrian
15th – 16th Summer Dtessage in the Valley
22nd – 23rd SLO – CDS Fall Fling Dressage Show
29th – 30th Dressage at Spirit Equestrian
OCTOBER 2015 17th – 18th Dressage at Spirit Equestrian
24th – 25th Dressage at Mission Pacific
NOVEMBER 2015 21st – 22nd Las Vegas Dressage Fall Fling